It is the belief of the CIELO organization that a significant way to reduce prejudice and discrimination of Latinos within the workplace is to assist public and private organizations to find qualified applicants for employment. Our intent is to bring qualified people from diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds together in the workplace to provide the opportunity to challenge stereotypes, enlighten people of the richness in cultural differences, and provide opportunities for people to become familiar with each other in a common surrounding.

To support this effort, we have established on this website a place where public and private career opportunities can be posted. Also, Latinos looking for employment can request that we post a description of their qualifications and the types of employment they are seeking. By contacting various public and private employers in the area and through our contacts with organization members, we hope to promote the availability of this resource.

Access to our website is be free to the general public, to both employers and job seekers, both members of our organization and non-members alike. No fees or commissions are involved. We anticipate being contacted by government and private businesses looking to diversify their employee mix by seeking qualified minority applicants for their employment opportunities. Once contacted, our efforts will be limited to posting such opportunities on the website. Information from Latinos looking for employment opportunities will also be posted on the website upon their request.