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Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and Lincoln Land Community College Career Videos – Take a few moments to watch each video and take a humorous, yet infomative, look at what not to do when looking for a job, in a job interview, and while on the job. This video series was produced by The Business/Education Partnership of Sangamon County, through the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Lincoln Land Community College is a member of this partnership and the office of Career Development Services was an integral part of the video production team for two years. The actors playing our main characters, Dara, Brittany, Carl and Adam, were students from District 186 who auditioned and were selected for these parts. Enjoy!!
LLCC SNAP Employment & Training Job Placement Program – The SNAP Employment & Training Job Placement Program’s goal is to help you improve your work skills and assist you in finding a job through short-term training and work assignments as well as GED, resume writing and interviewing classes.

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