Scholarships and Grants

Victor A. and Daisy A. Juarez Latino Scholarship

This is our general scholarship program. Once a year we distribute by mail and E-mail copies of our application for this scholarship program to our membership, teachers and counselors at high schools and schools of higher education, public officials, and other interested persons within an area of about 60 miles of Springfield, IL.

Applications are reviewed by a committee and recommendations for award are submitted to the Executive Board for final approval. Letters announcing the award or denial of scholarship are sent by August 1st. About the time of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 16 – October 15) we hold an annual scholarship awards event. Ticket sales and sponsorships at this event provide the major portion of funding required to support this scholarship program.

For a PDF copy of an application for the scholarship, CLICK HERE.  For a Word version of the scholarship application, CLICK HERE.  For background information on Victor and Daisy Juarez, CLICK HERE.

CIELO recognizes the critical need for qualified personnel in the medical field who not only speak the language but are personally familiar with the culture of people who are of Latino descent. In our effort to fulfill this need, we support the following scholarship program.

CFLL Medical Scholarship Program

We also participate in supporting and selecting the Culturally Integrated Education for Latinos Organization (CIELO) Medical Scholarship Fund, a separate scholarship program that is organized under the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln (CFLL), a 501(c) (3) foundation. This scholarship program awards a scholarship to Latinos from central Illinois who are attending a medical school that is based in Sangamon County, Illinois. Funding for this scholarship is provided by a fund supported by CIELO through the CFLL. The foundation has established the selection criteria and the application process. Our participation in this program is limited to recommending members to the selection committee who participate in the review of applications and recommend recipients to receive an award. The CFLL foundation scholarship committee makes the final determination. The foundation handles all funding and the distribution of funds for this scholarship program.

If at the end of each calendar/fiscal year the CIELO Executive Board determines it has funds available, it may decide to make a financial contribution to the CFLL to support the CIELO Medical Scholarship Fund. We believe that making a financial contribution to this fund is consistent with our exempt purposes because this is another educational scholarship program that directly supports Latinos attending school in Sangamon County. However, no contractual obligation exists with CFLL to participate in or to provide financial support to this fund. This is strictly voluntary on our part.

SIU Medical School Scholarship Program

The city of Springfield, Illinois is the home of one of only two special medical districts established in the state of Illinois by the Illinois Legislature. It is generally believed that the single greatest influence in the economic development in the greater Springfield area will be motivated by the creation of this medical district.

Educational Grants

Occasionally, the Executive Board will authorize the award of one or more educational grants to Latinos. Our educational grants are generally awarded to applicants to our scholarship program and only to individuals who are not selected for a scholarship award. Furthermore, they are not routinely awarded every year. The amounts may also vary from one year to the next. Instead, they are initiated on a case-by-case basis by recommendation of the scholarship review committee as part of our scholarship program and are subject to approval of the Executive Board. The award of one of our educational grants does not impact an applicant’s qualifications to also receive one of our scholarships in subsequent year. Therefore, our education grants are not routinely publicized.