Meet Victor A. and Daisy A. Juarez

Victor A. Juarez

A native of Lima, Peru, South America, Victor became a U.S. Citizen in 1985. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 1987. He is currently employed with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in the National Taxpayer Advocate Service. In 1995, Victor and Daisy were founding members of the central Illinois chapter of national IMAGE, Inc. and founding member of CIELO, Inc. in 2010. Victor has been involved with the Springfield Coalition to Promote Human Dignity and Diversity; the ACLU; the Springfield Dominican Sisters Anti-Racism Team; the Sisters Cities Association of Springfield; the UIS Alumni Association Advisory Board; the SIU Medical School Minority Advisory Committee; several initiatives of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce; and participated in many other commissions and organizations in the Springfield area. Victor has received several awards for his community involvement and was featured on the cover of the Illinois Times (2002) and the UIS Alumni Magazine’s Alumni Spotlight (2008). In 1980, Victor married Daisy Langston and settled in Springfield where they raised two sons. Victor and Daisy moved to Philadelphia in 2010.

Daisy A. Juarez

Daisy is a native of the St. Louis Metro-East area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from SIU-Edwardsville (1980) and a Master of Arts in Community Arts Management from UIS (2001). During the past 30+ years, Daisy has pursued a career as an illustrator, graphic designer and communications specialist for several employers, including the Illinois Times newspaper, Illinois Issues Magazine and the Illinois Department on Aging. Her work has been recognized with the Mature Media Awards and Chicago’s prestigious Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism. Daisy has also been involved with the Illinois State Museum, the Springfield Art Association, the Springfield Children’s Museum, the Springfield Area Arts Council, the Springfield Classical Guitar Society, the Springfield Muni and the Sangamon Watercolor Society. She designed the logos for the Springfield Classical Guitar Society, Springfield Sister Cities Association, and CIELO, Inc. Daisy is currently taking a sabbatical from work to develop her fine art skills, specifically watercolor painting. Her current project is promoting CIELO, Inc. and the Latino scholarships.
Without the devotion of both Victor and Daisy Juarez over the entire life of the original Central Illinois Chapter of National IMAGE, Inc., and the current CIELO there would not be an organization or scholarship programs. For over a decade, Victor became a member of numerous commissions, organizations, committees, and programs to network with people across the spectrum of our community. His efforts almost single-handedly resulted in the strong support that we now enjoy from our many sponsors and contributors that help fund our scholarships and other activities. Besides providing Victor with the support of his family to allow Victor to fulfill his commitment in our community, Daisy also contributed significantly to all of our brochures, graphics, posters, scholarship event programs, program development ideas, and all sorts of other activities too numberous to list here. CIELO and these scholarships simply would not exist today if it were not for the unselfish dedication of these two individuals over the entire life of this and our predecessor organization. To honor their extraordinary contribution, we decided in 2010 to name and dedicate our original general scholarship program to them….
The Victor A. and Daisy A. Juarez Latino Scholarship